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About Us

Regain control over your hormones

Imana Care is a health mobile application, for women, by women.

It's 100% based on clinical studies and designed with medical practitioners. 


Our programs are made to support women who suffer from hormonal variations, by helping them reduce their symptoms with integrative medecine.


Concretely you get access to a health program, personalized for you, according to your medical history and the symptoms you want to reduce. 

And guess what? Our program for PCOS is already live! Register to join the next cohort of women.


Our Story

Imana Care was born from two women with a passion for female care: Shiraz & Marine.

They teamed up to launch Imana Care to have a positive impact on women's lives.

A few years back Shiraz suffered from an hormonal variation that was tough to bear. She would get facial hairiness and loose a lot of hair, quite difficult to go through as a women since it affects your femininity. Back then, the only solution that was offered to her was to take the pill to cover the symptoms and she did not get much information about what she was doing through.

Also many of Shiraz & Marine's friends started to want to get pregnant and were discovering at that moment they were suffering from an hormonal imbalance. 

Shiraz & Marine used to work in digital care, with a speciality in women health. So they started to explore how they could have an impact on women's hormonal variations. They discovered many clinical studies that proved the impact of lifestyle on hormonal health, especially on specific pathologies (PCOS, endometriosis, PMS) or moment in life (pregnancy, post partum, menopause). With an adapted lifestyle, studies showed you could reduce (or delete) hormonal symptoms bothering women.

That's how Imana Care's mission started.

Meet the team


Shiraz Mahfoudhi

Cofounder & CEO


Marine Wetzel

Cofounder & COO

Our PCOS specialists

Dr Martine Vallière

Dr Martine Vallière Doctor specialized in diagnosis and fertility


Sophie Janvier Nutritionist

Brune Vannier 2

Brune Vannier Naturopath

Mathilde Panzer

Mathilde Panzer Clinical psychologist

Elodie Deforges

Elodie Deforges Hormonal Yoga teacher & psysiotherapist


Caroline Boulant Osteopath

Floriane Guarnieri

Floriane Guarnieri Naturopath

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